Yoga Teacher

Georgina is a 250 hour Certified Yogabellies for Women Teacher and Birth ROCKS registered mentor. She joined Yogabellies in September 2019 and run classes across West Norfolk. She is a very proud mummy to her beautiful son, Leo, aged 14 months, and partner in crime to her housemate (and one day husband when he decides to finally pop the question!).

Georgina absolutely loves yoga and would be completely lost without it. She first started practicing yoga over 7 years ago, to help reduce anxiety and stress induced by her job in the fashion industry and found it also helped improve her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She practiced yoga throughout her own pregnancy and postnatally, and found it to be an absolute lifesaver during her recovery from postnatal depression. Yoga can help everyone in different ways and Georgina continues to be amazed by its never ending benefits.

Georgina decided to become a Yogabellies teacher and Birth ROCKS mentor when she fell pregnant with Leo. It was this life event that completely changed her focus in life and made her consider what she truly wanted for her future, noticing how easy it was to get caught up in busy lifestyles and unfulfilling jobs. During this period Georgina decided an entire life change was in order and moved back to her homeland, the beautiful Norfolk countryside with the support of her family and friends around her and launched her new business earlier this year.

Yoga is such a key part of Georgina's life and she loves being able to support and guide women through their own yoga journey. Since starting teaching in January, she has not looked back and has enjoyed every single moment of it. Georgina is excited for what the future holds. Her classes are so much more than just a yoga class; Yogabellies have a large global online community and a growing local community in west Norfolk, with regular meet ups to encourage friendships and a support network of women supporting women.  



Children's Yoga Teacher

Adelia is a Children and Families Yoga teacher committed to spreading the benefits of yoga through engaging, fun and energy packed yoga sessions.
She has been working with children and teenagers for more than 12 years in several different settings such as: schools, children's centres, youth clubs, young carers clubs, children with disabilities educational groups and charities, festivals and private parties.
She has been a Children's Entertainer for more then 10 years and she certainly brings the creativity, joy and a diversity of skills to each yoga session! During her yoga sessions expect not only yoga poses and calming breathing techniques, but also imaginative storytelling with multi props, games, dances, mindfulness crafts, laughter yoga and even sensory bubbles! All of this to achieve a fully immersive experience. 
Her friendliness and imagination runs free as a child, hence her ability to connect and reach, not only to children, but to their families. 
She believes that yoga is an holistic approach to a better mind, body and soul, having herself reaped the benefits of this practice. She has been doing yoga for many years as a way to heal not only physically but also mentally. Yoga has helped her to not have back pain anymore, to be flexible, strong and manage her overall wellbeing, specially during the last, tough for all, pandemic year. She is passionate to spread all these yoga benefits to her community and teach children and families to connect with each other, be happier, more self-aware, resilient, confident and thrive physically, emotionally and socially by practicing it. Yoga is a valuable life skill that needs to be shared, and Adelia sets herself the mission of doing so.



Yoga Teacher

Hayley runs Hayley’s Rose Retreat. She is a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and sound therapy practitioner. 

Hayley has been practicing and participating in these holistic therapies for years and to be given an opportunity to do this as her full time career fills her with so much joy. Hayley changed her career after 14 years when my son was born. She wanted to be home so much more for him, and wanted to be present and watch him grow. He is Hayley's inspiration. 
Hayley loves being a mum and she love what she does. 

She aims for her classes to be filled with peace and relaxation. Each month she adds new activities, themes and journeys. 
She also currently has wellness mornings, healing circles, talks and well-being meet-ups that she facilitates. 

Hayley is so pleased to be able to bring her classes to The Connection Project. Every Monday morning she teaches a yoga class where every week the theme changes and every class will have a little meditation and chanting too. Her classes are for everyone and modifications can be provided. 
She will also be offering a sound bath every month which involves her playing gongs, bowls, drums and more to you whilst you lay back shut your eyes and relax. 
So many health benefits to these classes she can’t wait to share them with you and she can’t wait to meet you all soon!



Yoga Teacher

Patricia started her Yoga journey with a book, in front of the TV at home. Her Dad said that he didn’t understand why he bothered to buy chairs – she was always on the floor trying out some pose or in a shoulder stand. Step forward ten years and Patricia was lucky to have a Yoga course suggested by my midwife. She loved the special classes for Mums to be but didn’t have the time as her children were growing up.

Somehow, she kept feeling the pull back to the mat. As she entered my forties-and the girls were getting more independent – Patricia could make time for herself and it was Yoga that beckoned. It started with a single class a week – if she was lucky! And then one class a week became two and then four. Patricia then decided she was going to train to be a teacher herself.
In 2017, Patricia completed her 200 hour teacher training course. Since then she has taken other teacher trainings and deepened her understanding of yin and Yoga Nidra in particular. Her classes are designed to provide quiet, inwardly focused calm. Expect a variety of poses, with lots of options for different levels. A slow steady practice that helps you move forward with your Yoga – and also helps you rest and recover from the challenges of your daily life. Patricia has also taken courses in guided meditation and her classes usually end with some meditation to embed the sense of ease.



Yoga Teacher

Trudy-Louise has been practicing yoga for 20 plus years, graduating in 2019 with a 350 hour Yoga Teacher Diploma from Triyoga in London and a 33 hour Restorative Practices certificate also from Triyoga. She has previously taught at the Self Centre and the Health Hub in Bury St Edmunds as well as providing personal one to one for individuals who felt unable to attend community classes.
Trudy-Louise is passionate about yoga as a practice and a way of life that enables us to connect and engage with all the aspects of ourselves. “Yoga gives us an opportunity to get to know our bodies to see how it shows up for us every day; to understand and work with its quirks and sometimes hostilities; to develop a more easeful relationship with it, to allow it to take up space and to be mindful of it’s needs. Through yoga we learn how to breathe more effectively, and to connect body and mind…. Yoga gives us opportunities to challenge our thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs about ourselves and to look compassionately at ourselves and all the unique, complex, and beautiful parts that make us human beings”.
Trudy-Louise teaches Hatha yoga inviting her students to consider what taking care of themselves looks like, making observations about how postures feel for them in their bodies and supporting her students to find ways of accessing postures –encouraging them to take ownership of their bodies and their practice. 





Yoga Teacher 

Karen has been a participating yoga student for many years, enjoying the benefits and the power of her yoga practice in her Autumn years. Karen is a trained Sivananda teacher, chair yoga teacher, and Reiki II practitioner. She has also undertaken further studies in yin yoga, yogic history and philosophy and Sanskrit to name but a few! Her love for yoga permeates her whole way of living and her joyful presence always lights up any space she is in.

Her passion for yoga, her yoga teaching qualifications and yogic studies have helped her through the last few years of being her husband’s full-time carer after serious illness. Karen’s husband had a major operation which affected him both physically and mentally, leaving him very immobile and housebound. It was only a few months after her husband came home from a long stay in hospital that she decided to study chair yoga as a means to help her husband with his physical and mental wellbeing.

The very gentle breath movement and gentle physical movements that her husband enjoyed in their one-to-one chair yoga classes slowly helped to improve her husband’s wellbeing. Additionally, Karen and her husband had a lot of fun and looked forward to this time out of their normal day. All of this was over three years ago, and they both continue to enjoy their chair yoga together. Now, Karen also loves to share the joy of chair yoga with others.

As well as her continued yogic practice and exploration, Karen is also a Reiki II practitioner. She took to Reiki very naturally and is a powerful conduit for the healing, loving energies of Reiki. She enjoys treating others both in person, and at distance.

Karen’s continued exuberance for everything yoga and her enthusiasm for furthering her understanding and embodiment of the principles and practices of yoga and Reiki make her a wonderful addition to our team here at The Connection Project.



Yoga Teacher - Laughtercise Leader

Yoga has been in Harriet's life since the age of 4. In 2015/16, she trained with Yogacampus to become a fully qualified yoga teacher. It was from that point that her world opened.
To put it simply, Harriet teaches using a Hatha style which covers many different types of Yoga. This helps keep her self-practice and classes to be fresh and full of variety.

Red Rose Studio, the studio she runs with her mum Val, is her spiritual home, however you will also find her taking classes at The Secret Space, Hertford, Beautiful Day Yoga, Hatfield, BAYoga, Berkhamsted and virtually here at The Connection Project.

Practising Yoga throughout her life continues to ground and motivate Harri, and to keep her flexible in life and body. Harri believes in teaching from her own experiences.

A passion of Harriet's is passing the message of Yoga to Children, bringing them up with the light of the world running through them. She runs regular children’s Yoga classes and also take sessions in local schools where it is now part of the curriculum. Day events also allow her to give Children & Adults a taste for Yoga.

Four years ago, Harriet discovered Laughter Yoga, inspiring her to train to be a Laughter Yoga Leader. Harri has always loved to laugh, and finding Laughter Yoga made her realise she didn't need to wait for an opportunity to laugh, she could create the opportunity! Laughing helps her through the good, the bad and the ugly times, helping her confront and release suppressed emotions. Harriet continues to be amazed by the power of laughter!

A rule Harri tries to live by today is to not take herself so seriously!

Since the beginning of her journey as a healer, Harri has not stopped learning. There’s a vast ocean of ways to tune in with our bodies, and her horizons grow every day. This desire for exploration and growth on her journey has led her to train in Reiki, Crystal Therapy with Forrest Song Academy, Children’s Yoga with Susannah Hoffman & Tarot studying with Lise Heckmen.

Harriet's mission is to Heal, using all she has learned, and continues to learn. She values deeply getting to know the people she is working with so together, they can find the door that unlocks their horizons and opens their worlds.