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Welcome to Yoga at The Connection Project! We are excited to be connecting with you!

What is Yoga?

Yoga has been practised for 1000s of years but is ever evolving.  Yoga means ‘union’.  It’s about co-ordinating the breath, mind and body.  It is a practice to connect to yourself and your body, to exercise the body plus relaxation and breathing techniques to still the mind.

Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits to regular practice of yoga which include developing strength, flexibility and stamina.  Yoga will tone your muscles and improve your posture.  The relaxation and breathing techniques will help to reduce stress and aid sleep. The poses also stimulate your internal systems to improve overall health.  

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga is for all ages and is not competitive.  It is about respecting how your body is now.  Poses can be adapted and props can be used to help.  A yoga prop is any object that helps to stretch, strengthen, relax or improve the alignment of the body such as blocks, bricks, belts, bolsters, blankets, walls and chairs. These will be provided for you and you will be told when a prop may be useful.  Mats are provided however you may wish to buy your own in the long term.

Working Together

In yoga, the student takes responsibility for their own practice as only you know how your body feels.  You need to listen to your body, work within your limits and be patient.  With regular practice you will see important changes.

Tell Us About You

If it’s the first time you are attending the class and you haven’t completed a health questionnaire, please come along 10 minutes early to complete the questionnaire.  This helps us make sure the class is suitable for you.  If you have any health concerns that may affect your yoga practice please see your doctor first to make sure you are able to practice yoga.

Format of the Class

The class starts with breathing and gentle stretching to prepare for the poses.  We practise poses then finish the class with breathing and relaxation.

What To Wear

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, nothing that restricts your movement. Too loose clothing can sometimes get in the way. No socks will be worn during the class however I’d recommend bringing along socks and a warm top to wear during relaxation.

Preparation for the Session

It’s recommended not eating for around 2-3 hours before the session as it is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach.  If you must eat, eat a small or light snack, for example, a banana or health bar.  For women, be aware if you are menstruating this may affect your practise so feel free to let the teacher know or modify the practice for yourself.

Arriving at the Class

Ideally please arrive a 5-10 minutes before your class so that you can make yourself comfortable before we start. It is an opportunity to be quiet and enjoy letting go of all that has gone on before coming to class. If you do arrive late, please enter the room and settle yourself as quietly as possible.

Mobile Phones

To maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the class please check that your phone is switched off or on silent for the duration of the class.
Most of all enjoy!!!  We look forward to connecting with you!


COVID-19 Security Measures

  • If you or anyone in your household has shown any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days please DO NOT attend your session.

  • If you wake up with symptoms on the day of your session, please DO NOT attend. Inform your therapist/teacher and you will NOT be charged any cancellation fee. 

  • We will not rebook you for at least 14 days in line with government guidance.

  • We ask that you maintain social distancing where possible and follow all guidance given by your therapist/teacher.

  • Please make use of the available sanitising stations on entry/exit of the building as well as on entry/exit of the yoga studio.  

  • Please call/text your therapist/teacher when you arrive to let them know you are here. They will then let you in via the front door on Bridge Street. Please DO NOT knock or try to open the door yourself. Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your session time as, in line with guidance, we have no waiting room facilities in action at this time. 

  • If more than one person arrives at one time for your class, please form an orderly queue, adhering to social distancing on the street outside the building and the teacher will let you in. Please adhere to the social distancing markers in the reception room and do not move forward until the marker in front of you is clear. Your teacher will direct you to your space in the studio. We ask you to please be mindful and respectful of others.

  • Spaces are marked out in the yoga studio and your teacher will direct you to your space in order of arrival. Please enter the studio and fill the spaces 1-6 and on exiting, exit 6-1. This is in line with guidance to best maintain social distancing and take care of everyone's health and well-being. 

  • Please bring minimal belongings with you to your session. Any belongings will be placed in a plastic box and kept with you. 

  • For yoga classes, at this time, we require you to bring your own mat/any props you wish to use. 

  • There is disinfectant spray and wipes available should you wish to clean your mat. Please sanitise your hands using the provided sanitiser before and after using the spray bottle. 

  • We ask that you bring your own bottled water with you, should you wish to, and that it be kept in your belongings box during your time in the building.

  • If you have to use the toilets whilst in the building, please follow the displayed guidance and use the provided antibacterial wipes for anything you have touched. We are sorry we have to ask you to do this but it is for everyone's safety and well-being.