The inspiration is flowing... The pieces are coming together... The foundations are being laid... Keep watching this space... It won't be long before you can come and connect with us in person, and immerse in the array of opportunities to connect, to express, to exchange and to Be.....

Yesand incorporates three main aspects that work both individually and collectively to provide you with a whole-istic range of opportunities to connect with yourself, with others and with the flow that runs in and with and through everything. We also invite you to spend time within the Yesand Village to be still, to create, to integrate and to connect with like minded others. 

Village Yoga offers a range of authentic classes, taught by an expert team of teachers under the guidance and leadership of Erin Schaad. The yoga program is designed to incorporate all eight limbs of the yogic practice to ensure you receive an authentic and wholehearted experience.

Our Creative Expression workshops and classes offer you the chance to learn new and varied ways to creatively and constructively express and connect to your inner world, and also the outer world. 

Our range of Holistic Therapies provide one-to-one sessions to facilitate your connection with optimum health and well-being. Our team of therapists are all highly trained and experienced in their modalities and work holistically, focusing not just on your symptoms, but the whole body/mind complex to bring about authentic healing and transformation, and connect you with the innate wisdom and healing potential that is within us all.

We offer collaborative programs incorporating Therapies, Yoga and Creative Expression to provide you with the very best opportunity to live wholeheartedly in connection. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Yesand Village...

Yesand Village

Coming soon to Sedona