Instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes, drums and voice create a passive and persuasive space for deep relaxation or meditation. The brainwaves slow, consciousness expands. Meanwhile the body is rejuvenated, right down to the cellular level, as you connect with your innate healing resources. 

Traverse the sonic soundscape and achieve a state of deep relaxation and stillness. People often report deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and deeper connections to their intuition as well as peaceful sleep, following a sound bath which is something we all need right now. It feels more important than ever to meditate and connect to our inner world when the outer world seems rather out of control. 



Allow Sarah to guide you on a sacred journey of sound. Beginning with a guided yoga nidra and loving kindness meditation. 

Many people find that participating from the comfort of their own home allows them to let go on a deeper level. Sarah has high tech equipment for amazing sound quality. 

We would recommend to have ready at home:

  • A blanket

  • A cushion or bolster

  • An eye pillow or eye mask (optional)

  • Some cosy socks and comfy clothing

  • Some incense burning (safely)

In order to create the best experience for yourself at home Sarah suggests the following:

  • Give yourself time to download the Zoom software if you've not done so already.

  • Create a warm, comfortable and safe space for yourself to experience. You can lie down with a pillow to support your head and have a blanket over you to keep you warm. You may even like to use an eye mask. And you could use an extra pillow under your knees. Perhaps light some scented candles or incense to add to the ambience (ensuring secureness of course) 

  • Listen through headphones or a speaker if possible as inbuilt speakers in laptops/ phone etc... may not give you the range you need for the full gong and other instruments sounds to translate

  • Make sure you are on mute during the session. In the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, there should be a microphone and set it to ‘off’. There will be an opportunity to check in / chat at the beginning and the end if you wish. 

  • If you need to communicate with me during the experience there is a chat box to type in to. And I’ll be available afterwards. 

  • Remember the intention and the energy of gong and sound healing are as important as the physical vibration and people are reporting the same benefits online (which is music to my ears 😊)