Give me the wild. For although all is natural, sometimes I forget.
Give me the wild so I remember.
Give me the land as it is and the trees as they stand and the birds as they sing.
Give me the stillness in amongst the teeming life.
Give me the spaces between.
Give me the light through the trees and the gentle breeze on my skin.
Give me the wild so I can feel again.

When we came we were the stars.

We were the light.

We manifested here as the keepers of the sacred earth.

We were here by choice.

We still are.

We came because we chose to.

And you see us reflected in the eyes of those who’s hearts bear the star light; which is all of us.

We are One.

We are united by the soul spark, in its pure form.

It is an indescribable colour beyond the spectrum of human eyes but it is the very essence of the Heart.

It beats with the Earth Mother and waxes and wanes as the waves of the moon, in a gentle symmetry so profoundly beautiful that is is missed even by trained eyes of heart at times.

The rhythms are intrinsic and ingrained.

They were hidden in the safest places.

In the hearts of the wanderers and the lost.

In is no coincidence that wonder and wander are so close.

To journey into ones heart is to meet wonder that is beyond the language of man.

It can only be told in the language of the heart, or the soul tongue which cannot be comprehended in the ways you know.

The ways of listening need practice.

The skills need to be relearned and remembered.

The time is now.