Creative Challenge: What Yesand means to me...

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Yesand has been a big thing for a while in my world. It is pretty much my world view and the pattern of “yes, and…” seems to ring true in everything that comes up, to the point where it is almost comical, there is always a yes.... and? It is also the simplest way to phrase the shift in consciousness that we are heading into collectively as a planet. The either/or mentality this world has been locked in is on the way out. It is about saying yes, and...

For me the Yesand honours many things. It honours the fact that we are not single-pointed, linear, restricted beings who can only do, feel, be one thing at a time. It honours the fact that we are multi-dimensional in body, mind and spirit, with limitless potential for health, freedom, co-creation, happiness and life. It honours the fact that YES, there is an underlying creative intelligence in this Universe AND we have a say in our own lives and how we live, work, show up. It honours the masculine and feminine, yin and yang, the BOTH, rather than the separation. It honours that we need BOTH, and that they are equal… That we are all both already. We are all. We are One. It also honours the fact that you can do yoga AND bodywork AND creative expression. It honours the fact that it’s OK to be and do more than one thing. It honours the idea of community and being, working, creating together. The Yes is a statement of positive intent/affirmation in itself, and the And is an honouring of the Whole, and also of the potential and the possibility. It honours the individual and the collective; we need both. The parts inform the whole which inform the parts, just as mind informs body informs mind. It is about the AND. It is about saying YES to the AND. We have to accept ALL of ourselves. We have to bring love to ALL of ourselves. All aspects. The parts we love, and the ones we would rather pretend are not there. We have to say YES, I do sometimes feel not good enough AND sometimes I feel fucking amazing! Because that is possible. We have likely all experienced it, probably even in the last 24 hours.

It’s about saying Yes to people as they are, as they show up, how they are, who they are, and then helping them discover their own Ands... The parts of themselves they shut down because they got told they couldn’t be an artist, or a yogi because it didn’t make money. That they couldn’t care as much as they did because that wasn’t how it worked. That their hearts didn’t matter, only their heads did. That their bodies are just there to get their brain around. It’s about reconnecting with ourselves, with others and with God (three letter word to describe the indescribable). Saying yes, we can honour the intellect, but we can do that whilst also honouring the body. The AND. Without the body, the brain is useless. It is about the yesand of the intellectual linear way of living (channel 5 to those who speak MFR) and the intuitive, deeper wisdom (known as channel 3 in MFR language). That Channel 5 voice is not the enemy. It is the thing that has kept us alive until we learn Channel 3 exists. Or rather until we remember it exists. But we still need both. Channel 5 helps us navigate this world, and to connect and work with other people’s Channel 5s from the wisdom of Channel 3. It empowers us to translate and communicate the intuitive, the mystery. It’s always both. Always Yesand. The ego is not the enemy. It is what allows us to see. We just have to learn how to look properly.

As we learn to say Yes, and… more and more deeply, we bring more and more love to ourselves, to others and to this beautifully crazy world of ours. The larger awareness of the And can also help empower an ability to see the lightness even in the darkest of places for as the amazing spoken word artist Shane Koyzcan says in his piece ‘Instructions For A Bad Day’, “Always, there is light…” And yes, the dark can be terrifying and uncomfortable and formidable, but it is also what enables us to see the stars. Without dark, there would be no light. And so for me, Yesand is about embracing the All, the everything AND the nothing, the smallness and the bigness, the matter and all the spaces in between, both within myself, within others and within the world around me. It is a living practice in acceptance, compassion and be-ing. I will never be perfect at it, but I am going to keep on practising, because Yes, And….

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