Why Chair Yoga and What Can It Do For Me?

By Karen Grimes

The practice of yoga has shown over millennia to improve our health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. Any style of yoga can help to increase our balance, strength and stability, giving us more confidence in our everyday life.

Yoga is truly for everyone - any age, any ability, any body shape - in fact all of us. If you are strong and healthy, yoga can help you stay that way. If you have health issues, gentle yoga practice may help you regain some of your strength, flexibility and general wellbeing that may have been compromised by your condition.

Traditional yoga can be daunting for many reasons, especially if we are not so steady on our feet or feel exercise is just too much at the moment. Many people may want to start slowly with additional physical support. With supported practice, you can experience all the benefits of regular yoga styles, such as relieving stress, help with joint movement, gaining strength and experiencing relaxation.

One of the key goals of yoga is to restore and maintain the health of our spines. Poor posture interferes with every part of our bodies. A rounded back restricts our breathing and blood flow throughout our body. With regular yoga practice, it is possible to improve your posture by lengthening and strengthening your spine. Another benefit of yoga is to build stability and balance on our feet. Feet are our foundation of mobility and movement.

Chair yoga is a recognised style of yoga which gives you the additional physical support you may need in practicing yoga and the confidence to practice without putting undue stress and pressure on your body. The only equipment you will need is a straight- backed chair. It does not matter if it has arms or not. A kitchen chair is ideal. If you use a wheelchair then you are also good to go!

A few tips:

  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothing so as not to restrict your movement.

  • If you are comfortable being barefoot, that works well.

  • If you prefer to wear shoes, then wear anything that has a non-slip sole.

  • Do not wear just socks on hardwood floors as that will make it too slippery for you. If you are practicing on a rug or carpet, then socks are fine.

  • Finally, it is a good idea to have a drink of water or juice handy just in case you feel thirsty during the class.

I am really looking forward to you joining me in our chair yoga class via Zoom.

Please feel free to contact us at The Connection Project via email (info@theconectionproject.org.uk) or call 01553 824030 if you have any questions or need more information.

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