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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Introducing our amazing international blogging team!

Kalindi Dinoffer

Kalindi is a multi-lingual, creative, innovative, inspired and inspiring human hailing from Dallas, TX. Kalindi is immersed in a journey of discovery, growth and opening, and we are very blessed to have her sharing her experiences along the way with us here on The Connection Project blog. As an ex-tennis player, Kalindi has a particular interest in nutrition and bodyfulness (as she likes to say). She is currently undertaking training in mindfulness meditation, and has just been initiated in Reiki 1 and 2.

Jackie McAll

Jackie lives in Bedfordshire, England, UK and is in the process of publishing her first book entitled "The Woman Who Walked Through Fear". Jackie has a gift for creative expression through words, and a remarkable talent for portraying experience and emotion in a way where you can literally feel it as you read. Jackie's journey is one of surrender, commitment, determination and authenticity. We are happy to have her sharing her strength, hope, courage and love with us here on The Connection Project blog.

Vanetta Servoss (aka Tigress Swan Otter Lady)

Vanetta is an expert level Myofascial Release (MFR) practitioner working between Idaho and Utah. Vanetta came to the amazing work of John F. Barnes MFR primarily as a patient before undertaking the journey into becoming the phenomenal therapist she is today. Vanetta's depth of understanding and raw willingness to be vulnerable are refreshing and inspirational. She writes with a defiant grace that is reflected in the way she lives her life. Her honesty, tenacity and dedication to her path provide a source of encouragement and support to those walking through this world with her. Here on the blog, she shares with us her victories, her struggles, her confusion, her clarity and her heart.

Rosie Earley

Rosie joins us from her farm project in Hertfordshire, England. Her and her partner made the courageous decision to setup a grass roots community farm project, creating opportunity for people to come together in work, play, education and fun. Black Grove Farm provides space to connect with others, with self and with the land. It encourages people of all ages to work together whether it be through volunteer days, the forest school, haystack building, mulching or chasing goats round the fields! On The Connection Project Blog, Rosie will be sharing her experiences of living on the land, sustainable farming and the lessons learned along the way.

Claire Sangster

Claire is one of the founders of The Connection Project. She loves to write, usually at great length, as anyone who has been in communication with her will know! She is passionate about connection, and creativity, about life and about sharing this walk through life. Claire loves to paint with words; striving to leave trails and clues and imagery throughout the lines and dots of the written language. She always says she writes to leave herself the reminders she will need one day.

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