It's OK to say YES...

I received an email today from a very good friend of mine. She was being offered everything she has worked so hard for, and she was in that moment of fear that happens when we are faced with what we want.. The moment where we doubt we are worthy of it, and we wonder if it's OK to say YES, and whether it's OK to actually get what we want, and even whether it was OK to want it in the first place. And it made me think about how we often talk about how it's OK to say No, and how hard it is to say No, but we do not talk about how terrifying and difficult it can be to say Yes.

My response went a little like this...

When we put the work in, when we show up, when we are willing, God says YES. And then we get to choose how we also say Yes. And there is no wrong decision. We cannot get it wrong. It’s impossible.

The thing to bear in mind is that this Universe is FOR us, not against us. We co-create our opportunities to say Yes. Sometimes very consciously and actively, other times without us really knowing we are doing it.

It isn’t even a question of deserving or not deserving. We are being gifted the opportunities to deliver our unique brands of magic to this world. The Universe is saying YES. It wants us to succeed. It wants us to be Us. To be beautifully and amazingly and terrifyingly and haltingly and perfectly imperfectly ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

And we can choose to say Yes back in many ways. There are many ways to say Yes. None are wrong or better or worse. It’s just when we are faced with so many good options we have a few moments of Time where we stop and are not quite sure which Yes to go with.

No-one can tell you one way or the other which nuance of Yes is going to be right for the right now. And the Yes's can always change too. They are not fixed. We walk our paths and we knowingly or unknowingly do this work of co-creating these spaces where we are rendered momentarily motionless with the various options of Yes's. We can say Yes, we are going to step out of our comfort zone, and go after the thing we want, or we can say Yes, we are going to go after the thing we want and we are also going to keep one foot in our comfort zone and make the transition more manageable for this moment until we are ready to say Yes in a different way, or we can say Yes, I see I could go this way after the thing I thought I wanted, but what it's given me the opportunity to say Yes to is what I already have, and to see I am happy with this.

And of course we can always say Yes, and... ;)

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