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As part of her mission to educate and empower people around the experience of Menopause, Patricia offers Menopause Circle sessions.


These discussion groups are a safe place to share.  An open facilitated discussion on how your own menopause journey is going, a chance to listen to the experience of others and to be heard.  You never know how much something you say may be of use to someone else.


Topics are driven by the needs of the group – but can include:

  • Techniques for managing symptoms

  • Some ‘at your desk’ breathing exercises

  • Guided meditation.


These Menopause Circle sessions will take place on a monthly basis and are free of charge.

To see upcoming dates and book, please click HERE


Menopause yoga is a combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices that have been specially adapted to help women manage the main symptoms of menopause.

These sessions take place online and are scheduled later in the evening to be most conducive for good sleep. You can expect some gentle movement to ease any tension left in your body, followed by some accessible but considered stretches.  


You don’t need to be a confident yogi already and these classes can be a wonderful starting point for someone who wanted to try yoga – but hasn’t yet had the time... 

Some tips for home practice: 

  • You can use a towel if you don’t yet have a yoga mat.

  • You will need a yoga strap (but you can use the belt from a dressing gown, or an old tie).

  • You should also bring a couple of cushions and a lovely blanket to snuggle under for the relaxation phase.

Please contact us at for upcoming class dates.


The sessions are conducted by Patricia Easterbrook, who is an accredited Menopause Yoga instructor.