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What is meditation?


Meditation is a simple and effective way to free ourselves from what can feel like the endless treadmill of thought and action we experience in our daily lives. 

It opens up space inside, and allows us to contact our inner reserves of strength, awareness, vitality, love, peace, and wisdom - effortlessly, as a spontaneous result of regular practice. 

Through dedication to our practice, we gradually become the open, warm, and compassionate observer of our patterns and tendencies, freeing us to implement any change and growth we wish to in order to bring more harmony into our existence. We discover from a deeper perspective a gentle and profound self-acceptance.


The physical and emotional benefits of meditation are well-documented and include deep relaxation, stress release, and inner peace. Meditation boosts the immune system and makes us more alert and focused outside of meditation. It helps us to “mind the gap” between our deeper self, our thoughts, and our actions, and gives us space to reflect and respond in a fresh and spontaneous way to both familiar and unexpected challenges.


Many people think meditation is about clearing the mind and emptying it of thoughts. This is a myth. The mind’s function is to think, just as the heart’s function is to pump blood or the lungs’ function is to breathe. It is very natural for thoughts to wander through and play in the mind during meditation. In this meditation, we don’t try to control thoughts or empty the mind. We simply allow our awareness to drop deeper than the level of thought, rendering thoughts in meditation unimportant.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Simple, easy, natural, practised for over 5000 years

  • Physical relaxation

  • Mental and emotional calming

  • Dipping into the reservoir of inner strength and peace

  • Deep release of long-held stresses and patterns

  • Increased sense of well-being, efficiency, energy, focus

  • Bringing inner and outer life into harmony

Sunday Meditation Sessions (Zoom) 7-7:45pm

Join our Meditation leaders for our FREE guided Meditation ever Sunday evening. This session is

held live on Zoom and all are welcome to attend with no charge. These sessions are funded by

The National Lottery Community Fund aiming to help give more people access to things that

support their health and well being. These sessions are focused around relaxation, and providing

some quiet time before entering the week. 

To book, please click HERE





Please contact Lynsey for more information on upcoming dates


Saturdays 5pm 

10 hours of tuition and practice over 6 weekly sessions

£75 investment

(£40 concession rate available for those on low income or benefits)

PLEASE NOTE: This is  a small group experience. In order to ensure individualised tuition and time for each

participant, class size is limited to 3 persons.)

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About Meditation with Lynsey:

Lynsey started meditating in 1986 and teaching in 1988, originally for the British Meditation Society, which is now inactive, so these days she teaches independently.

Lynsey started practising when the term ‘mindfulness’ hadn’t really come into common usage, but what she teaches is very similar. Lynsey has developed a shortened course specifically for Zoom which is simple and easy, and available to all in good mental health. 


Participants will learn Breath Awareness technique, Candle meditation (aka Tratak), and a Pranayama breathing practice. These are based on ancient Advaita Vedanta meditation practices from India. In this course Lynsey doesn’t teach any of the philosophy, so the focus is completely practical, designed to give individuals the tools they need to release stress and find inner peace.

The course is six weekly sessions, with each session lasting about 60-120 minutes, including a group meditation. Participants are expected to meditate twice daily during the course.


Please contact Lynsey at for an application form. Lynsey is also happy to answer any questions you may have, and will be able to give you a list of upcoming start dates. 



"When I joined the meditation class I had no preconceptions. Thanks to Lynsey’s patient and constructive tutoring we soon became a relaxed and supportive group exploring meditation and its practice together. Most enjoyable."


—  Jon, Cardiff