Hypnotherapy with Katie Scardifield:

How do you work?

I work differently to how you may have experienced hypnotherapy before; we tend to work content free. You don't have to discuss the issue. I will work and help you let go of all those emotions that are holding you back from being at your highest potential and find that true happiness without you having to tell me about it.

What's the thinking behind this approach?

Sometimes we don't know why we have anxieties so the content free approach is great as you don't need to know the reason. I'm trained in a number of different techniques/styles including Advanced Hypnosis, Kinetic Shift, meditation  and EFT. Rather than reading from scripts or trying to fit you into a certain category, everyone is unique so our sessions are tailored to each individual. When you work with me you're be in control of your life and honestly you feel the lightness within you, no more shackles dragging you down.

What is Kinetic Shift?

Kinetic Shift is an energy based therapy; a natural and rapid method of helping people to achieve clarity and joyfulness to their lives. Kinetic Shift is extremely empowering and an uplifting therapy.

How does it work?

Kinetic Shift combines several different techniques to resolve issues such anxiety, fears, phobias, weight loss, smoking and so much more. It releases bad or damaging stuff to absorb and embrace good, peaceful, positive changes and you can create long lasting change quickly.

As a Kinetic Shift practitioner I look forward to working with you and leaving you with the feeling of calmness, peace and the love of life once again. I'll use the powerful tools and methods available in Kinetic Shift to help you resolve the things that are holding you back and we'll work together to change negative patterns and replace them with more positive ones.


Let's start your path to freedom today...

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