Creative expression is often something we are not taught how to do in a healthy or productive manner. Most of us are more familiar with destructive suppression.The pressure builds and we explode, or implode. We do not know how to say what we want to say, or to get across how we feel. 

There are so many ways to express: writing, drawing, making, creating, talking, screaming, singing, drumming, laughing, building, moving, dancing, being silent... We can communicate so much, is so many different ways, and here we want to encourage and explore Creative Expression in as many forms as possible. If we approach life as if it were art, we remember that we cannot get it wrong. Art can never be wrong. That is the beauty of it. It is the same with life. Yes, we make mistakes, and will continue to do so, but as a great man once said "if you re not making mistakes, you are not doing enough." And really, is anything a mistake? Or is it just an opportunity to realise that the way we tried did not work, and an invitation to find another way that does?

We are often scared to be seen, scared to be heard, scared to say how we feel, and yet conversely the people we respect and admire the most are those who make themselves vulnerable and express their emotions and their gifts openly. Think of your favourite musicians or artists, or your closest friends. Why do we love these people? Because usually they are the ones who somehow, in some way are able to say "yes, me too." They understand. They give words to feelings we cannot. They create art that hits something deep inside of us. They sing and play the music that can bring us to tears; whether those tears be of joy or of pain, they are almost always tears of recognition. 

And so here, we invite you to explore Expression and Connection. As well as our Creativity classes, we will be offering meditation sessions and a wide variety of workshops providing the opportunity to consider/explore. Any creative expressions, interpretations, insights and experiences you may have had during your exploration can be shared on the Connection Space. The Connection Space is available at all times. Here you can connect with others in a safe and supportive manner.


And if you just need to remember the magic of quietness and the Wild, head to the Silence page and enjoy Mother Nature's glorious Expressions from around the globe. 

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