We are very happy to have received funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to run a project supporting mental health recovery during/from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

None of us have been unaffected by the events of the past year. It has touched all of us in different ways whether it be directly or indirectly. Maybe we lost loved ones, maybe we lost jobs, maybe we had to become home school teachers, or carers, or could not access the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Maybe we took to lockdown really well, but are now feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of life getting fast and busy once more. Well, we are here to help support you in whatever way we can.

Whilst our funding for this project has now ended, our amazing team are committed to still offering community sessions, all offered FREELY to you.


We currently have limited availability for funded counselling, but hope to be able to open up more sessions very soon.  


We want to thank everyone who plays the National Lottery. The funding we have received will empower us to reach and empower so many people in the local community and beyond, so THANK YOU. 

To book for any of these sessions, please click here:
Community Project 

COFFEE SHOPS - Fridays 10-11:30 

We have drop in hang out spaces each week focused on inclusivity, connection and community. ALL are welcome. If you are feeling a little lonely or anxious, and just want to connect with a friendly face, with no pressure or expectation, then these spaces are for you. We all have times where we just need somewhere to go and sit and either be heard, or just be alone whilst in the company of people. This is what these spaces are for. If it's your first time, please book in HERE

Colorful Friends
Arts & Crafts

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Arts and Crafts - Wednesdays 13:00-14:30 

These sessions give you the opportunity to explore different arts and crafts. By using colour, shape, form, we can sometimes translate and express things in a way we cannot do with words. By learning different forms of Creative Expression, we can reconnect with our playful innocence and find some solace and joy in amongst the stresses and strains of recent times. To book, click HERE

COMMUNITY YOGA: Tuesdays 13:30-14:30

This weekly class is open to EVERYONE. Yoga is not dependent on how flexible you are; it is about building positive relationship with your body, and finding ways of moving that work for you to help you go about your life with more confidence and trust that your body has you; it is on your side; it is holding you safely. By bringing in mindful movement, we are able to learn ways of moving that promote optimum functionality rather than exacerbating pain or tension. 

These classes are held at our Bridge Street venue. You can book HERE.

Yoga Stretches
Girl in Therapy


Do you feel like you could benefit from some one-on-one sessions to help you process the past year? Or has this period of slowed down life brought up issues that were maybe easier to keep shoved down when things were busy? Are you finding your usual coping mechanisms aren't working? 

We have a number of funded sessions available to those who could benefit who cannot afford to access counselling. Please contact Lotti at for more details.