Children Doing Headstands

Are you tired of your kids using your house as a gymnasium? Seeing them in weird and wonderful positions all over the house? Why not send them to one of our Children's Yoga Classes! (And there's even some you can join in on too!)

Children will learn all the FUNdamentals of Yoga, by doing sun salutations, balancing, standing postures, seated postures and maybe even a few headstands! All done with a bit of fun and imagination - such as creating animals out of the postures!

During Children's Yoga sessions expect not only yoga poses and calming breathing techniques, but also imaginative storytelling with multi props, games, dances, mindfulness crafts, laughter yoga and even sensory bubbles! All of this to achieve a fully immersive experience.

We are very lucky to have two fatabulous, highly energetic and entertaining Children's Yoga Teachers working with us. Both bring a sense of magic and adventure to their classes whilst helping kids to experience mindfulness, positive body awareness and to improve their health and well-being. 



Adelia is a Children and Families Yoga teacher committed to spreading the benefits of yoga through engaging, fun and energy packed yoga sessions. Her friendliness and imagination runs free as a child, hence her ability to connect and reach, not only to children, but to their families. 

Harriet Brady-Jackson

Harriet is an extremely enthusiastic Children’s Yoga teacher, who has been doing Yoga from the age of 4, and wants to pass on her experience to the children, sharing what helped her most when she was a child. She teaches Yoga as part of the Curriculum in primary school and has been part of many Children’s Yoga events.


Please see the video below for an example of Harriet's online children's yoga...