What is The Connection Project?

The Connection Project is a space to connect with yourself and others, to explore how you interact with the world, how you view yourself, your body, your mind, your belief patterns. Often, we are conditioned by limiting beliefs about ourselves that say we cannot do this, are not good enough, flexible enough, strong enough, aware enough... Here, we want to give you the opportunity to challenge those patterns and find new, healthier ways of Be-ing to benefit not just yourself, but those close to you and your community as well. 

The Connection Project is a CIC (Community Interest Company) offering programs and subsidised classes and therapies to vulnerable members of the community and those who may not always be able to afford to partake in yoga, holistic therapies, talk therapies and creative expression. Money you spend on our classes, therapies and workshops is recycled into the company to help give more people the opportunity to benefit from all that we offer. So every time you are helping yourself by coming along, you are also helping others in your community. Thank you!

Why The Connection Project?

More often than not, we are given messages about who and what and how we are meant to be, and told that how we Are is wrong.

That we are too much or not enough.

We try and change who we are to fit in. We shut down parts of ourselves. We end up feeling lonely and isolated, disconnected from community.

Too much time is spent trying to fix who we are rather than love who we are; too much emphasis on knocking our uniqueness out of us rather than celebrating and supporting each person to be themselves and to share with us their passions and the individual spark that makes them who they are; too many different versions of “you are wrong.” 

It is very easy in our world to live in fear of connection.

We have been conditioned to believe that vulnerability is weakness, that emotions are messy and should be kept hidden, that our voices are not worthy of being heard.

We give too much power to things we can do nothing about, whilst ignoring the places where we have real power to change our experience of this world.

Think about when you go out and about where you live.. Do you smile at people? Say hello?

Do you go through the checkout in the store with a real person, or do you avoid having to speak to anyone and go through self service?

Do you even know the names of the people you live next door to or share a building with?

Are you more comfortable on social media than you are socialising in the real world?

When you have a spare few minutes do you connect with someone you care about or scroll through illusory depictions of people's lives?

If someone asked you how you were, could you answer them?

Would you know?

Have you taken the time to listen into your inner world lately?

To the reality within?

Or are you using all your energy trying to keep the show going on the outside? 


Through connectivity and community, creative expression and contemplative practice, we explore the concepts of inclusion rather than exclusion; of connection rather than separation; of going back to the core principles of all ancient wisdom traditions: loving ourselves, our neighbours, our world.


We live in a time where often we are told we must do this OR that, that this is right and this is wrong, that you must be this way or that way, that you must have this treatment and not that one, that you must do this sort of yoga and not that yoga... This either/or mentality is reflected on many levels. Here we like to play with that idea and work with the "Yes, and...." What if you didn't have to choose? 

We are also taught this with regards to emotions. We are told if we are in fear, we must lack faith, that if we are angry, we cannot love...

What if that isn't true?

What if these things are not mutually exclusive?

What if we can have faith, and still be scared, but that being scared does not negate faith?

What if it is sometimes OK to be angry, but that it does not mean we love any less?

Think about it for a moment.. Right now, what are you feeling?

Do you have pain in your body? Do you also have areas with no pain? 

Are you tired? Are you also finding the energy to read this?

Do you have some areas of your life that are causing you fear?

Do you have other areas where you feel peaceful and comfortable?

We are amazing beings... We can feel many things, all at once, sometimes about the same situation... Here we like to explore that...

The whole world has been stuck in an either/or mentality for a long time.

The next wave coming through is of the balance, of Unity, or Oneness, of both/all rather than one or other...


Why is it The Connection Project?

From one of our Founding Members:

"My friend was stood with me one night in exasperation and desperation saying “I’m a mess.” And it broke my heart because for 20 years (or more) she has been told that how she is, is wrong. No one has ever worked WITH her. No one has ever taught or showed her how incredibly gifted she is and how to accept the fluxes of being human and work with them. No one has ever let her be herself and empowered and encouraged her. I have tried. But I’m one voice in a sea of people telling her she is wrong; wrong when she feels sad, wrong when she is bursting with energy. Imagine if the messages she had got when these sensitivities became apparent had been different. Imagine if she had been told that there were going to be times when she was overflowing with inspiration and creativity, where the love she embodied would be so huge that she would have enough for every single person she met. And that at other times God/the Universe was going to call her closer to home and into times of rest, times where she just needed quiet and very little outside influence. And that this was just like the ocean. That her spirit flowed with bigger waves than other people’s. That she had been gifted with the capacity to be an expert surfer; to ride the waves few dare go near. But that she would ALWAYS be safe. That the tide would always turn. That when it felt like she was going down, it was Life saying she had done amazingly and it was time to rest in the sanctuary of the cave for a while, and that when she was called out again, she could embrace it and enjoy it and love it and create and flow. And she is not alone. To a greater or lesser degree, most of us carry a belief that we are too much, or not enough. And there isn’t enough community around to teach us otherwise. That’s why we are a village." 

In summary, we constantly strive to create and grow a space where the universal principles embodied in authentic healing are taught, practised and applied within a community environment. These base principles of love and connection offer a strong foundation for healthy and wholehearted living, both individually and as part of the whole. We hope that by giving people the opportunity to be part of a connected community which embodies the core values of heart based living, they will be able to take what they have learned and apply it in their daily lives and local communities, therefore teaching connectivity and active love from the ground up.